Inexact Change

Thoughts on science, politics, and social progress.


I recently finished a Ph.D. in mathematics at University of California, Berkeley, but this blog is mostly not about mathematics. Early in my graduate school days, I was involved in starting and running a co-operative grocery store, a role which positioned me at the edge of the modern food reform movement. Over time I became progressively more frustrated with the selective concern for science and the general abundance of dubious information in the food movement. These days, I spend a lot of my spare time to thinking about how to improve the state of public discourse and how to promote a more intellectually rigorous form of social activism. Most of the posts on this blog will be along those lines.

All of my online writing has been unpaid, and I do not represent anyone other than myself. If you want more information about me, you might start by reading some of this interview. You can also contact me by Twitter or .